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Oh hey guys, been a while since I tossed up an update (like you read these anyway). You may have noticed the new site design, and probably also the new name. Things are on the horizon. Good things? Bad things? Okay things?

I have no idea.
...But I'm excited.

 Oh No Disease

For the past day everything within my body has been making a desperate gambit to escape my body, and, while I am currently on the mend, it comes too late for tomorrow's comic (4/2). So, no comic tomorrow, but by Thursday, everything will be fine.

 Some Stuff

So I've managed to become less obscenely busy than I was prior to this point, and updates are resuming. Now, if the funny-making mechanism in my brain cooperates, I will get a comic up each day this week (3/11-3/15) and then return to regular updates after. I'm also going to PAX East again this year, and it will be rad, like all years. If you're one of the five or so people who read this, and you also are going to PAX East, find me and I'll give you a prize (prize may not be very awesome).

 New Project

Well, it's been a while. I don't post these little updates very often, despite them being on the front page. I've recently added a new item to the "Projects" bit of the site, a short Sci-Fi novel that I'm tossing together called Post Hoc, Ergo Ante Hoc (After It, Therefore Before It), which can be found by navigating to the projects page, or by following this link. I'll be tossing up this announcement soon on the twitters and tumblrs as well. You folk just get it early.

 Comic 10/25

The comic for tomorrow (10/25) is probably going to be up late, if not on Friday. Sorry folks, I had a busy day, and still have a program to write, a Chekhov play to read, and a resume to finish for tomorrow; I'm swamped.

I should get some rest. If I haven't got my health, I haven't got anything.

Good on you if you got that reference.

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