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Diversity is Racism | Ethical Biscuit

Diversity is Racism

Monday, April 23, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Something I notice more and more about colleges and the workplace and everything else that may concern itself with any sort of political correctness is the growing obsession with being "diverse." In fact, the other week in the campus newspaper at my college, there was an article criticizing my school for not being diverse enough. The whole idea of diversity is idiotic, and those who are proponents of it are stupid by extension. And that's because diversity is nothing but blatant racism.

First of all, let me say I'm not against what diversity actually means. If we extracted all the political bullshit and got to the core of the idea, it's simply the idea that we shouldn't be completely homogeneous. Yes, that's a decent idea, but the problem comes from the forced diversity that is the new big thing, despite the fact that too much diversity fucks shit up. But I'm not here to argue for or against natural diversity; I'm here to point out that however you frame it, the forced workplace/educational/etc. diversity of today is racism. With acts like Affirmative Action, and all sorts of hiring regulations, it suddenly becomes mandatory (or at least incredibly beneficial) to have a certain percentage of your students/workforce/populace to be this or that minority (though the term "minority" here basically means non-caucasian, despite many "minorities" trending away from being an actual minority). This is a problem. Why, you ask? Well, what if there were laws about how many caucasians you had to employ or accept to your school? Well, people would be in an uproar, citing racism. How is doing the same thing with a different race/ethnicity/whatever not the same damn thing? It's the same. And it's still racism. This type of idea is sometimes called "reverse racism:" treating others specially because of their race—but it's still goddamn racism. Making any sort of regulations about race (or gender, or whatever) is what keeps racism (or sexism, or whatever) sticking around. Morgan Freeman said this very well, and it's high time we start just fucking ignoring race, instead of regulating it (in any way). So no, you can't be "not diverse enough," or even "too diverse," because measuring diversity and making judgments based on it is still cold, hard racism.