Terms & Conditions of Posted Content

You agree that by posting content to this site (content being any form of text or multimedia or any other manner of thing which is uploaded to this server or sent to me in any medium by you or with your express permission) that you will not post any content that is illegal according to any United States or International law, and that you own the copyright to content which you post or upload or send, or you have the express permission of the copyright holder. You also agree that, while you retain rights and privileges to the content, I, the owner of this website, am also given the authority to reproduce the content as I will, up to and including producing monetary gain from said content. The only information collected by this site is the IP address of a poster when any content is posted using any of the web forms. No information is placed on your computer, and an IP is only logged when media is posted, for security and legal reasons.

tl;dr - Don't post anything illegal (U.S. or International law), or that you don't own the copyright for. I can use the stuff you post to make money, or simply mock publicly. Also I record your IP.