What is this?

Ethical Biscuit is an absurdism. It's a combination of two fun terms to produce a rather senseless result. Ethics are interesting, and sometimes fun, and biscuits are delicious, and sometimes dumplings.

The site itself is a repository for comics (goal: to entertain), blog posts (goal: to provoke thought), physics (goal: science!), stories (goal: to interest), and sometimes music (goal: something artsy).

Who are you?

I'm like Zaphod Beeblebrox—just this guy, you know? I studied physics in school, and work with computers. On my free time, I make comics and music and talk about things (I talk about physics in two places). There are also innumerable other things that I tend to do on my free time, but you don't need to know my life story or hobbies.


Because the universe is cold and unfeeling, and all the things your parents taught you are lies.